Rebeccus Farcis

Rebeccus Farcis means "Have Fun", in err.. the yet to be discovered Martian.

Joie de vivre

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Just 200m more“, I huff and puff along the track. I have to push myself. Turn back the clock 3 yrs, I would have run 3km without breaking a sweat off my brow, now, I struggle for a mile. I stop. I’m short by 97m, says my watch – alas, it doesn’t count my pulse.
The sun rises from beyond this sea, sets behind the mountains there. A small arc of something bright orange lights the west, dark clouds on the east provide a contrast. I settle down in the sands and stare at the clouds; Ah! The breeze.
The waves – the large white foamy things that come from nowhere and drop at your feet. God must be a child – it must be a pleasure to send your winds to pick up a bucketful of water and drop it elsewhere. Most definitely, it must be a pleasure to gently blow the hair of this pretty girl in pink.
Mummy”, she runs in delight. Words can’t express the joy of a toddler.
I turn around. Sun might have disappeared now, not his rays. A faint glow persists beyond those hills, thin golden rays streak across the sky.
A bright flash from somewhere. Someone’s taking photographs. Er no. It must be Him. He holds a camera somewhere, He’s stationed his flash amidst these clouds. As a child I was taught to smile for a snap, why change habits now? I smile at the clouds.
Solitude and seclusion are man’s best friends. Solitude and seclusion are, not only man’s, best friends. I realize now. He must’ve dropped from the skies, or swam from across this ocean, or he came from somewhere close to my own home: why does it matter? I’m not particularly fond of them, but, this one is admirable. Presently, he has decided to pursue the waves. Fascinating.

A gentle vibration inside my pockets, Keerthi remembers me.
Heyy, wassup koos?”, her call is always a delight.
Your story baby, hwz your weekend going?
Keerthi, in this disposition of hers, is the most charming female on this planet. Have I loved anyone so much? Hmmm.. tough question. Yes, I would answer, I have, someone else.
Am lonely yar. At the beach now, watching His Highness jump over the waves.” – We confide in the Keerthis, don’t we.
Oh dear, why didn’t you just call me? Ok, look, I’ll be there in 15 min, wait for me.” Why wouldn’t I?
His second flash.
Meanwhile, the pretty one in pink (lets call her Pinky) has decided to explore the waves herself. The difficult endeavour of scaling down this gentle slope has proven to be a major hurdle for her tiny legs. Nature seeks the more obvious option, she stumbles, and rolls down. Is it natural for a kid to cry out to the mother? Yes, perhaps. Is it natural for a kid to shed tears when she tumbles down? I don’t know. I don’t see any tears, the waves have washed them all.
His Highness Tommy the Handsome, the cynosure of my eyes has discovered something. So long, he was jumping over the waves; the ones he couldn’t scale, he let them wash his blessed soul. In due season, he encountered a crab, it disappeared under the wet sands. He dug the sands, found a shell. He tried again,failed again. When this pursuit failed, the remarkably intelligent His Highness gave up. He looked up to see someone observing him intently. Enthused, His Highness decided to explore this person. He walks up to me, sniffs at my shirt, stares at my eyes. “Harmless”, His Highness’ verdict. Satiated, he settles down next to me.
Third flash from Heaven – this time its two of us posing for His snap, two long lost brothers. His Highness with his tongue hanging out, I hold mine in.

The handset rings again – Keerthi should be somewhere around.
Where are you?”, I love her voice.
I’m sitting next to a dog. Find me.
You don’t lose a faithful friend for a girl.
Here she comes. Does she know I love her in blue? Or, is it a mere coincidence she is in blue tonight.
Travesty; when the girl enters, the faithful friend leaves. His Highness is no exception. He runs away, perhaps, to find his girl.
That was His Highness Tommy the Handsome. Ran away, sigh.
Seems like you like his company more than mine”, isn’t Keerthi smart?
Hmmm, lemme think, has anyone seen an angel in black, walks on four legs and looks like a dog?”.
I don’t really know. But neither has anyone seen one in blue”, Keerthi can shut me up.
Fourth flash from heaven; and the fifth. Heaven seems to be fond of seeing us together.
Pinky is all wet now. A dear wave wanted to cuddle the child – it drenched the poor baby. Pinky now cleanses her eyes with her tears, well settled in her mother’s arms.
I love Keerthi when she lets her hair free. She has, tonight. My fingers slowly reach for it.
Get off me. I washed my hair just today. You’ll soil it”, irritated, or plain blushing?
Anyways, hard luck.
Heaven’s just broken loose – or, is it hell. Bright flashes from everywhere – a mellow wind to add to it. Humanity has disappeared from this shoreline – strange, Keerthi seems to notice it not.
Its going to rain dear, lets go” – I plead.
Just a minute more”, her eyes, her mind: two things I can’t comprehend, two things that mesmerize me.
She clasps my hand.
Now! Lets go.
Its raining.


Written by Srinivas

June 28, 2010 at 6:56 pm

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  1. Preety Matured narration srini…you have come a long way!! keep writing such wonderful post


    July 10, 2010 at 7:20 am

  2. What an amazin piece of writing Sri … Hats off !! Loved it, to say the least !!

    Shobhana Raja

    January 23, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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