Rebeccus Farcis

Rebeccus Farcis means "Have Fun", in err.. the yet to be discovered Martian.

For me, its all a mystery.

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There’s some sound outside. I can hear the birds twitter. Its dark no more! Across my eyelids – its bright and pink. Probably its morning already. I can hear someone shouting at me. Oh – its my wife. Wonder what she’s shouting. She’s helping me up by my shoulder- Oh! I have to get up. But get up and do what?
She’s taking me somewhere! Oh! The bathroom. I must take a bath. OK. Now 2 idlis here for me. What do they taste like? I don’t know! What do I know? In a way – nothing.
I sit in my verandah. There’s a small table here – newspapers on it! But what do i read? I better put them back! I sit and do the thing I do best – stare at the skies. My wife keeps shouting at me all day- wonder what she’s got to shout! Its all a mystery for me!
Its getting hot now. I am sweating. My wife I think, comes in again – shouting of course.
“If its so hot, why don’t you switch on the fan?”. Why does she have to shout so loud? Can’t I hear?
“Ya. The fan.”, I reply.
“Switch it on”, she’s making some gestures also now!
“But, but, how do you switch it on?”.
How do you? Its all a mystery to me!
Here comes someone. Why is he smiling at me? He’s saying something- What?
“Ajja, recognized me?”, now why is HE shouting?
“Yes, of course!”. Ah! Why wouldn’t I recognize him.
“Wow Ajja. What’s my name?”, he’s so happy.
“What??”. What is his name? And who is he?
“Ok ajja. No problem. I am Shrinivasa! Now you recognize me?”.
Who is Shrinivasa? I wonder.
“Anyways ajja, I came to read the papers.”
Ok… read.
He must’ve finished reading the papers.
“Ajja, time for lunch.”
“Ok. 2 min. I’ll get ready”.
“Not necessary ajja. You can come like this.”
“No you wait. 2 min”.
I go in to get ready. My white shirt, my dhoti, comb my hair, my kumkum bottu. That should do it.
“Ok. Lets go”.
He leads me indoors to the kitchen!
Soon it’ll be sunset, soon it’ll be night.
Soon they’ll ask me to have my dinnner. Soon they’ll put me to bed.
Soon there’ll be another sleepless night, soon there’ll be another dreamless night.
Soon there’ll be another day, just another day in my life.
Day or night, its all a mystery!
This is, partially, what a day in my grand-uncle’s life might look like. The hands that once passionately described us the tales of the Bhishmas and the Arjunas, the Sugrivas and the Hanumans, today tremble and reach for the grandkids for support. The once head-Master today hardly recognizes anyone but a precious few!
Alzheimer’s has taken its toll on him.
P.S. “Ajja” = Grandpa in kannada.


Written by Srinivas

June 28, 2010 at 7:15 pm

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  1. Nice write up srini….its all about the shift for control……life moves on buddy


    July 10, 2010 at 7:13 am

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