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Rebeccus Farcis means "Have Fun", in err.. the yet to be discovered Martian.

Vacation and the wait for the monsoon…

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Purab se paschim, east to west; the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian sea, my romance with the sea continues.

Three weeks clock turned backwards, a certain smart (really?) young fellow left the shores of Chennai on a vacation he certainly felt he deserved. He’d worked really hard (bah!) for a few months he felt, culminating in a call for a management degree in NITIE, Mumbai. A real haggle for his resignation ensued:
Me: Errr… Anita, I’d like to resign.
Anita (HR): Oh really?
Me: Well… I’m so sorry to say this…
Anita: Hey…. wow.. we’d been thinking of what to do with you, now that you’ve offered to resign….
Me: Errr.. I mean…do I need to serve out my 2 months notice? I mean… I’m kinda struggling for time..
Anita: 2 months? You must be kidding me dude… I’ll have you out in 2 days.
That’s precisely how perhaps the most unproductive employee of his former employer was relieved. Next morning he was on his way home.

NITIE starts its classes only from the 15th of June. By the way, his domicile now no more stood as Hyderabad, his abode for the past 14 years. The address now ended something like Gokarna Town, North Canara dist, Karnataka state; in general parlance, 1 hour off Goa, along the coast. He knew he’d have a glorious 5 weeks at home. He’d had plentiful to do; NITIE admission work is legendarily bothersome; again, a cumulative sum of all of it wouldn’t expend more than TWO days. What’d he do for the rest of his 4 odd weeks? Sitting in this temple town all I can say is “Lord Mahabaleshwara knows best”.

His life has come full circle hence. Days in Chennai used to begin at 7 in the morning, rather the sun used get hot by then. Now its more like a 9am dawn, a day starting with mom’s sweet voice ringing in the ears – “You duffer, get up. Its 9 already”. Laze around for half an hour with the papers of the day when the temple bells would start ringing, resonating with them something that seems like the same temple bells amplified 100 times right into my ear was mom’s voice, “Putta, take your bath and come for breakfast. Your breakfast is going cold”. Some of these days are spent in appreciating the fierce fight that Suresh Raina and co. put up against Elton Chigumbura and his folk.

Dad’s now retired and works as a consultant off home. All his clientele visits him at home; when they see me at home, most of them usually pop up a very simple question: “How long are you on vacation son?”, and it does feel great to answer, “Am not on a vacation uncle, am jobless”. The rest of the day is spent watching TV. Whem mom comes around to watch the delectable tripe she calls daily soaps, we generally tend to switch on to the laptop and play Cricket of Medal of Honour. Evenings are spent on the beach, wherein I take a run along the sands of the Arabian sea, mom and dad walk along the same route. Sit on the rocks at Rama Theertha and watch the sundown and then leisurely walk back home.

Life has changed, dinner at 11pm has now changed to strict 9pm. Trash that we used to conjure and left with no choice but to eat the same has now changed, to the delicious mom made food, oppressive heat in the chennai summer has now changed to a less oppressive one at Gokarna. Three years almost in Chennai and the clock had changed a little, rains would be chanced only in november, Hyderabad was no better with its scanty rains. Its a tad different now with a full bloodied south west monsoon hitting this part of the world really hard. Giant frogs, spiders and other such inhabitants of the wild near home trying to sneak into the coziness indoors, sometimes scaring the living daylights out of us. Sometimes one bumps into a few peacocks in the wild, dad swears he chanced upon a panther once too (we reckon its a dog, he says its a panther). Nice plenty of snakes, a few pelicans on the rocks in the sea. Plenty of hills around – nice places to trek all day.

Should say, vacation is a wonderful thing to have. Specially one in which you don’t really have to switch off you mobile phone and still be answerable to nobody. Have a nice long vacation till the 15th of June, then on it is Chalo Mumbai. Meanwhile the monsoon should have fully set in and the 3 waterfalls around Gokarna should have some water. Just can’t wait to see that! 🙂


Written by Srinivas

June 20, 2010 at 11:29 am

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  1. Nice post buddy. BTW, what does ‘rebeccus farcis’ mean?Can’t seem to google the meaning out. 🙂


    June 20, 2010 at 1:48 pm

  2. man – i like to live in a place like that – but on second thoughts i may get bored after a while – confused on this :O
    nice descriptions!


    June 22, 2010 at 5:36 am

  3. You made me nostalgic


    July 10, 2010 at 7:45 am

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