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Reading the papers, a little too much…

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My friend Adi was posed this one question, “Why India no develop”. An omnipresent question – one that has no answer, rather, has so many that we tend to take acknowledge none of them for one. Anyway, even as a relentless debate rages over this, rather, its all been forgotten – true Indian style, my two pence worth thoughts over it.

Over the years, moi has cultivated a habit of religiously buying the newspaper everyday, peruse the sports page and fling it away. Just this one day he happened to peruse through a couple of articles, that, in a miniscule proportion albeit, contribute to the same – “Why India No Develop”.

Jyoti ‘Candlelight’ Basu, the sucessor to the legendary Pramod Dasgupta, the flagbearer of the reds in the nation – truly a magical figure, one from whom Hu Jintao would do well to learn, James Cameroon could make an Avatar beating blockbuster – found his way to hell – OK, there’s no God, mais oui Monsieur, there’s no hell too. 23 years of his IIM Joka inspired capitalist misrule had turned the whole West Bengal so red that they dug a grave for his scotch refuse in Marichjhapi and found the soil red, this one blood red. So red that Hugo Chavez would do well to express an interest to dye his bandana with the stormwater of this holy land. One such Mussolini for a ruler expires, the whole nation blares saga over the ‘gentleman’. One city beats itself to death, all public property shattered – by the public that owns it. A certain fascist posing as a proletariat leader attains his permanent abode, and we waste our most precious tears, front page of newspapers and prime time minutes on national television on it. The messiah, the called him, yessire, he was a messiah, a missionary, as a certain Maddy Bowen would comment, of Van de Kaap, na, this one was even more, this one was a prophet, of the big burly men in red.
“Why India no develop?” – Reason# 11109, We are incorrigible! We never learn, do we!

Federal capitalism lost, Obama’s socio-non-communisto breed of capitalism won hands down last year, shining example of this genre of economics – our PSu’s sadly, don’t necessarily reflect the same. BSNL, the newspapers say, is struggling. It is losing ground by the day. BSNL’s got huge buildings for office/exchange every second lane, Sunil Mittal’s got one customer service point every 4th city. Someone who’s got pockets deep enoufh to shell 1 lakh crore (thats one followed by 12 zeroes, in rupees, 2 followed by 11, in dollars) on infrastructure alone – standing against paltry decade old startups, wonder how David’s beating Goliath. The answer gentlemen, lies inside these offices/exchanges. Men and women, among the country’s finest engineers (quota excluded, try qualifying the JTO, you’ll know first hand what I mean) provide a service – best compared to Lord Louis Mountbatten being requested to resolve a pesticide based water pollution in Padre village, South Canara District, Karnataka, during peak partition time.
A single network problem in metro Chennai took these fine servicemen a whole month to resolve – 7 complaints and whole day of haggling with officers as senior as the 53 year old DGM – maites, now tell me why someone’s losing their customer base.
“Why India no develop?” – the episode being painful set aside, what discerns me is the apathy, the irresponsibility of who could have been the country’s finest nation builders. Isn’t this, what Dadabhai Naoroji would’ve loved to term – “Brain Drain” – nothing less.


Written by Srinivas

January 29, 2010 at 7:57 am

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