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Shaken, Not Stirred

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“Hi”, he said.
“Hi, hwz u?”, responded a sleepy soul.
“Doing well, hey listen, am coming to India.”, responded the soul on the other side of the gchat window.
“Heyy cool man… when?”
“Mid next month”.

The United States of America was formed sometime in the late 18th century, 1783 to be precise. Starting 1784 every Englishman who had a friend/fiend/relative returning from that land was expected to carry, alongside his own luggage, a treasure to be distributed to every one of his acquaintances – dead and barely alive included. The Englishmen passed on this delightful habit to each one of their colonies, India is no exception. Lord Louis Mountbatten and his troop of the last Englishmen on this land might have returned to their place of genetic origin, but, this trend they passed on, persists. I am no exception to it.

“Hey, you coming to India, can you get me a camera”, – thats how it all started.

Mom cussed, dad frowned, sis jumped, roomie exploded – the decision still stood firm. Amazon, Nile, HwangHo, bestbuy, worstbuy, rubble, canon, nikon, sony – every site religiously scanned, we zeroed in on one particular model – in 3 days.

“This one”, I said, sending him the link next evening.
“What the &*^(“, he said.
“Ok, gimme 3 more days”… rather sheepishly this time.

3 more days of concerted effort, this one was perfectly acceptable – to both the warring parties.

“You duffer, what models do you choose? You don’t get such things even in the showrooms, forget the showrooms, you don’t get such things even in the factories……… I can’t, listen, I CANT get you this one, choose something else”…
We Badekilas are true to our word. The following week he landed in the Bangalore airport with this cam in hand.

Now started a whole new trouble. What exactly do you do with it! At the time of the official handing over of the cam to its true owner – moi – I had none of ideas going roughly like scaling the Antartican mountains or the Congo basin and capturing the wildlife around that place. Anything less than that, my roomie, another proud Badekila byproduct himself, would concur, anything less than that would be utter abuse of a cam.

The first week presented a few opportunities – each other’s cheerful faces. It looked great to snap each other – front view, side view, top view, 45 degree view, dark photo, black and white photo, snaps in pitch darkness without flash, everything. By next sunday, having spent a healthy part of the 2GB memory in decking up each other’s faces, we pondered. A series of photos – wherein the only demarcation between the first in the series and the 200th one being – that one small mess of hair growing around the chin and cheeks, that too a consequence of the fact that both were too lazy to shave that entire week. End of that week both geniuses made a small consensus, “We need to capture something else.” “Yes”, responded the other genius, “you’ve got a point”.

The next week was one guy’s planned date with his mom. He set off, armed with his newfound craze, the cam. “Amma, aanu camera tatte, navu photo tegava.” (Amma, I’ll get the cam, lets click photos)
His excitement steamrolled by the mom “Aatu, ba ondari manage” (Ok, come home now).. apparently, mom’s are more interested in their sons, not cams. Strange people.

History, for all its inconsistencies, has been consistent with one thing. Time and again, it has shown that one learns things by doing them – no other way. You burn the kitchen, you learn to cook, you bomb Afghanistan, that teaches you how to hunt for Saddam, these things both teach you how to bomb Pakistan some day… yeah, back to business now, my sweet sis, rather, not the sweetest one around, subscribes a trifle too strongly to this school of thought. She wishes to be with the National Geographic some day, or thats all I could make of her antics for the 3 days of my stay at home, and trying out a few things with the  cam in hand is the first step towards it. National Geographic photographers capture the Piranhas in South America, or the Polar Bears in the tundras – my sis tells me she’s found a “specimen” equally wild –  moi of course.

So, in lieu of educating the later born a few things in handling a portable user friendly dabba for a digi cam, yours truly bordered to being a model, a bad one at that. Every antic of ours was snapped – moi at the door, moi eating, moi reading the papers, moi watching Virendar Sehwag play, moi doing pooja, moi chatting with the venerable dad, moi up in the attic sweeping and smashing every living roach – a small hanky firmly in place around the lower part of my face, resembling more of a Ajmal Amir Kasab and his elite gang of blood brothers, moi sleeping in mom’s lap, moi sleeping with mouth wide open, moi dressing……. Phew… For someone so camera shy and who prided himself in having recycled the same pass port size photo for 5 years starting 2003, this felt something strange.

Anyway, the cam is still working, had a rigorous warm up yesterday when the honourable neighbour took it along in his expedition to the beaches and assorted eateries in Pondicherry. The pics all look fantastic; the ones taken in the morning. Wonder what transpired midway, the ones clicked towards the later part of the day all look a little blurred, Hmmmm… methinks the cam’s been only a little shaken, not stirred! 😉


Written by Srinivas

January 1, 2010 at 10:02 am

Posted in Fun

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  1. Good luck with your shaken cam on clicking some stirring snaps!! 🙂


    January 2, 2010 at 6:00 pm

  2. //who prided himself in having recycled the same pass port size photo for 5 years starting 2003, this felt something strange.// – ppl always ask for a recent photograph – unfortunately ver few places they define what recent – this lets lazy people like us to bend the rule 😉

    nice narration…


    January 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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